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Employee packages

If you are running a small company then your staff are probably your most important asset.

Putting in place a benefits package for your staff may not be as costly as you think and creates loyalty amongst your workforce. You can also sleep at night knowing that should one of your employees fall ill or die, their family will be looked after by a policy put in place by you.

We are experienced in giving advice on group life, group sickness and group pension schemes. We offer an advice service that means we will really get to know you, your company and your staff.


Corporate financial planning

When you are running your own business, there is often not enough time to make sure the company finances are being managed effectively. Many businesses leave all of their planning to the company year end and then at that time will simply pay an extra dividend. This means both corporation tax and personal income tax is paid.

There are legitimate ways of extracting capital from limited companies and avoiding both of these taxes.

If you are keeping money in your business for future projects, we can advise on the best place to invest it.

We will work closely with your company Accountant and show you creative ways of making sure your hard earned profits are enjoyed more by you and your family and less by the taxman.


Reap the rewards ofexpert financial advice
Reap the rewards of
expert financial advice