“I am sincerely appreciative of all the work Headley Financial Service has done on my behalf, I would most definitely recommend them to anyone”

Reap the rewards ofexpert financial advice
Reap the rewards of
expert financial advice

Case Study 1

When Mrs M’s daughter was tragically killed in a car accident on her way to church one Sunday morning her life was turned completely upside down. As her daughter was a lone parent Mrs M took on the responsibility of her granddaughter and eventually became her guardian. After many months and many battles in court a financial award was made to Mrs M as her daughter had been killed by a driver who was found to be driving dangerously.

At the time Mrs M took on her granddaughter she was living in rented flat designed for one person and was then made redundant. Being in her mid-50s and now having a young child to care for meant that her employment choices were more limited.

The financial award was quite a significant sum however instead of using this to purchase a house and provide her with an income Mrs M made the decision to use it to pay for a private education for her granddaughter. She felt that given her circumstances her granddaughter needed a nurturing and caring environment and the results from the local state schools were very poor.

We helped Mrs M set up a school fees fund. This consisted of a number of low risk and protected investments maturing at dates to pay each terms fees. We also set up a small fund to be kept for her own retirement that could also be used for emergencies along the way. A few years into the arrangement it was clear that having a young child was more costly than she had ever imagined and we helped negotiate a discount with the private school to ensure that the school fees could be paid for the whole of her granddaughter’s education. We now have regular contact with the school on the financial arrangements.

We have now been working with Mrs M for over 5 years and have had great pleasure in seeing her recover from her terrible loss, find a part-time job to fit in with her granddaughter’s schooling and be moved by her housing association to a small family home. We have watched her granddaughter develop into a charming and intelligent young lady. We provide support whenever needed and have taken on the management of her finances to ensure that her granddaughter will be able to remain at the same school. As soon as her granddaughter has graduated from university we will use any funds are left to ensure that the grandmother has a financially secure future.

Mrs M’s comments:

“I have over the past very painful 7 years of losing my daughter, been given help by Jane Slater, without her I just don’t know how I would have coped, along with the many other changes I had to adjust to in my life.

I am, and always will be very grateful for their help and support, in the past and continuing; I can truly say they are genuine Company with a Service that is second to none. I can call on them at any time, and a member of the team has patience, and is sympathetic also willing to listen even when I feel embarrassed to approach them.

I am sincerely appreciative of all the work Headley Financial Service has done on my behalf, I would most definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Case Study 2

Mrs W contacted us originally when she was in the middle of divorce proceedings.She could not be certain about her future income levels and she needed to be confident that the capital she had available, which included a recent inheritance, could be arranged prudently so that she could be confident that she would be able to meet the costs of her children’s university education.

During the course of many discussions, during which we supplied supplementary advice on the financial settlement that was being negotiated as part of the divorce proceedings, we were able to reassure Mrs W that her capital could be invested to meet her objectives. She was naturally very cautious at the beginning of the process but by the time the divorce was finalised, she had a good understanding of basic investment strategies and why taking a small amount of investment risk with expert advice and support can be rewarding financially.

After the divorce and sale of a property, Mrs W had more capital available which we have been able to invest as part of a plan to create funding in a tax efficient manner to meet her needs prior to retirement with an extended plan to deliver retirement income for life.

Mrs W’s comments

“Headley Financial were recommended to me, and from our first meeting my adviser listened to my position and provided me with expert advice specifically tailored to my needs and guiding me with clear explanations.

I have benefitted greatly from the advice over the past few years and whenever I have needed immediate advice or help Headley Financial staff have always been available and generous with their time and knowledge”.


Case Study 3

Mrs G needed some help after the district judge refused to sign her divorce papers as he had spotted that her ex-husband had a substantial pension fund.

The asset had been overlooked by her Solicitor. We got involved with the pension trustees at the company where he works and guided the Solicitor through the pension sharing process.

Our client eventually ended up with over £250,000 in a pension in her name, as well as the other assets that had already been agreed. We used a guaranteed pension product so that whatever happens, there is a guaranteed minimum income at retirement. Her own retirement is now looking far more secure. We are now talking about protecting his maintenance payments in the event of death and over the coming years will help her build up her pensions and investments.

Mrs G’s Comments

“From my first meeting with Jane Slater, I had every confidence that my affairs would be handled in the best possible way. There were plenty of twists and turns leading up to my divorce and immediately afterwards, and at every turn Jane and her team achieved the very best possible result. Everything has reached a positive conclusion and I can happily highly recommend Headley Financial Services.”

Case Study 4

Mr and Mrs D sold their thriving business and needed a retirement plan that delivered income, was cautious and easy to manage.

Firstly we vested an old pension policy with a guaranteed annuity rate to secure a high level of guaranteed income. We then moved one pension to a drawdown account and part crystallised the fund to deliver a top up pension that would keep Mr D’s total income below the personal allowance. All of the cash and investments that created taxable income were moved to Mrs D, as she had unused personal allowance. We deferred her pension purchase as she was younger and moved it to a plan providing a minimum income guarantee, to protect her against annuity rates reducing further.

Keeping as much of the pensions un-crystallised as possible has reduced the inheritance liability as their estate is well in excess of £650,000.

A joint investment bond was used to deliver tax deferred income.

The result? An income of around £4,000 a month and no income tax. We will regularly meet to tweak the plan and it can adapt to changes in their circumstances as well as any changes that new legislation may throw at us.

Mr and Mrs D’s comments

“The professional and friendly service offered by Headley Financial Services provided us with a comprehensive retirement plan, tailored to address our concerns and meet our requirements. We were given clear and expert advice and guidance at every stage during the planning process and have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Case Study 5

Mrs S came to us after experiencing very poor advice from another local IFA. We were able to get the outrageous fee she had paid reimbursed, and then we started to provide the advice she needed.

Her husband had died a few years before and she wanted to review her own inheritance tax position. We soon calculated that the bill was enormous, but as most of her assets were tied up in her home and a portfolio pregnant with capital gains, there was little scope for planning. We were able to release tax free gains and ISAs to fund a trust for her daughter who is incapable of having lump sums but could do with a regular income. We also agreed that, as not all of her income was being used and her three children could do with some help, we could establish a ‘gifts out of income’ plan. This would take careful record keeping to satisfy HMRC which we offered to handle.

Our working relationship with Mrs S, her Accountant and her Stockbroker means that as soon as there are opportunities to pass on more wealth we can help and dovetail tax and investment advice. When the family home is sold, we will be ready to look at more significant gifting. In the meantime as a widow with family living abroad, we are here to help and deal with all of the paperwork to do with financial matters.

Mrs S’s comments

“I felt very sure that Headley Financial Services had my interests at heart and they provided clear, understandable advice. They took time with me and involved my family and my other advisers to ensure all aspects of life were considered before taking any action. After having a very different experience with another IFA I was relieved to have found such a trustworthy firm”.

Case Study 6

Mr H entered a nursing home at the age of 73 after his Parkinson’s disease had progressed to such a level that his family could no longer care for him.

He had cash and investments and was very worried about how the care could be paid for. We reviewed his whole portfolio carefully and helped his attorney organise his cash accounts and the paperwork. We then went to the two long term care annuity providers and asked them to quote to cover the fees and worked closely with the nursing home to make sure all his benefits were in place. An annuity was purchased and the investment funds altered to reflect his attitude to risk. He felt a huge relief when the matter was completed and without the worry his health seemed to improve.

Comments from Mrs K – attorney

“Headley Finance was most helpful in giving financial advice as regards long term care for a good friend. They dealt with both my friend and me in a most sensitive way. The most important factor was their ability to gain my trust with their professional attitude, freeing up time to be spent elsewhere. Their advice proved to be good and sound. I would certainly use them again as my Financial Adviser”.