Jacob and Orla

A reassuring relationship through life’s ups and downs

I first met Jane when she was handling my late mother’s financial affairs more than 20 years ago. In order to mitigate inheritance tax, she advised that a Deed of Variation would allow my inheritance to pass directly to our daughters. The inheritance has been held in Trust for their benefit. 

Over the years as our assets have grown, Jane’s advice on investments and pensions for me, my wife and family has been steadfast and reassuring. As my practice was sequentially sold to successors, she advised on portfolios and tax efficient investments to ease my tax burden, while spreading the investment strategy to mitigate the risk.

Jane still looks after our family now and one of my daughters, who is about to be married, is already a mortgage-free homeowner and both daughters have funds established for their futures, thanks to the strategies Jane has helped put in place. We are now working on the next stage of Inheritance Tax planning and investments for future generations.

Markets have been choppy over the last 20 years, legislation has changed, and our needs have evolved, but with Jane’s advice dovetailing with that from our solicitor and accountant, we have navigated a successful path. Over the years we have got to know and trust the whole team at Headley. The long-term security of our family is our greatest comfort.

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“The long-term security of our family is our greatest comfort.”

Jacob and Orla
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