How cashflow planning led to a life-changing choice

I always thought I would retire at 65, but to be honest, I was really hoping my boss would make me redundant long before then. I was 60 when both my parents passed away within a short period of time. Suddenly I had an inheritance and a burning urge to ‘do something’, but wanted to make the most of the situation.

I called Headley and spoke with Jane and we talked about what I wanted to do, rather than what I had to do. The dream of living the life I wanted – walking in the countryside with my dog and moving north to be with my daughter – started to look like a real option.

I hadn’t heard of cashflow planning, but it was the key to me making a life-changing decision. I could plainly see the different scenarios of when and where to use my inheritance and when to take income from my pension and savings to support me through the rest of my life (though I don’t expect to be living to 100 like the cashflow model said!).

Jane’s advice was exactly what I needed, and with regular reviews, she ensures I remain on track. I left my job, moved north to be closer to my daughter and granddaughter, bought a campervan to take the holidays I’d always wanted, and all the while secure in the knowledge it would all be OK.

It’s a world away from the Me that was wasting my life waiting for redundancy. I can honestly say I’m happy and life is good.

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“I called Headley… and we talked about what I wanted to do, rather than what I had to do.”

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