How to use a windfall wisely

My father generously gave us a substantial amount of money from the sale of some land he recently sold. We both had high pressure jobs, a high mortgage and private school fees for our son, and that resulted in a lot of pressure.

We were used to having to manage within a strict budget and never had much spare cash. The money was a lifeline that we wanted to use wisely, but we’d never invested before. Jane helped us rank our priorities and made recommendations which we put into place.

Our son’s school was number one and meant more than just his education, it was his happiness and friendships, and ours via the school gate – it was woven into our lives outside of work.

Repaying debt was next. If we could ease the monthly bills, could I give up work for a bit? It was such a huge relief to see this possibility became a reality. School fees are earmarked and put aside so we feel more secure about the rest of our finances. I have enjoyed some precious time with my son, which coincided with the national lockdown and so I could home school as well as help my mum whose health was declining.

We invested monies so that I have a regular income as I retrain and look for a new role that is better suited to family life. It’s really taken the pressure off us both, and we are grateful for it. Along the way we worried from time to time. Jane reassured us that money is for using now as well keeping an eye on the future.

Now that my mum has passed away, what I inherit from her can become part of the plan. Had I simply left my Dad’s gift in the bank I probably would not have been there for my mum and our son and I am so grateful that Jane’s advice enabled me to make the tough decisions.

We realise that we’re on a journey and this is the start. We will soon be able to concentrate on building our pensions and investments, but that’s so much easier with a financial adviser that guides and understands us and that we can trust.

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“I am so grateful that Jane’s advice enabled me to make the tough decisions… It’s really taken the pressure off.”

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