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I didn’t involve myself much in our family finances, taking a more traditional role raising my two children. But then my husband died and left our family home to his daughter from his first marriage, with me having the right to live in the house for the rest of my life. I felt a bit vulnerable and confused and thought about wanting my children to inherit my own personal wealth but didn’t realise what impact living in the house would have on their inheritance.

Jane advised on varying my husband’s will to create a trust that fell outside of my estate, but that I could still use if ever I needed it, and another trust from money I already had which gives me regular income and the capital is free from inheritance tax. She explained everything clearly and carefully and involved my children in the planning process so they could appreciate what my intentions were and how Jane’s advice might affect them later.

I feel far more settled knowing that I can afford to leave this house, if I ever needed to, and live somewhere else but still be financially secure and that my children will be inheriting what was mine. I’ve never felt more confident with my financial matters, and worry less about what my future holds now that I have someone who really understands me and my situation.

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“I’ve never felt more confident with my financial matters.”

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