Why waiting for retirement is overrated

After working for 40 plus years, I didn’t want to wait for state pension age and was looking to retire at 60. I had accumulated a number of pension plans over the years and roughly calculated the income I could get, but couldn’t be sure.

Stuart discovered that all but two of my plans had enhanced income rates, so consolidating them didn’t make financial sense as I’d lose the enhancements. Instead, I could group the enhanced ones together and start taking income from them which was higher than I had first calculated.

With the other two plans, Stuart researched and advised on a plan that had the most competitive income available, so I agreed to the move and now I have a better income that I imagined possible. This was a great result and it’s given me the freedom to stop work and start enjoying my retirement fully.

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“Now I have a better income that I imagined possible.”

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