Enjoying your golden years

Organise your wealth for the next generation so you can be free to fund the retirement lifestyle you dream of.

Retirement is a unique and wonderful chapter in life. With more time for hobbies, holidays, family and friends, you may wonder how you ever had time to work!

More than ever, it’s important that you feel confident and reassured in your finances. This means knowing that you’ll always have enough money to fund the lifestyle you want, that you won’t become a financial burden for your family, and that, when the time comes, your finances are organised and ready to provide a wonderful legacy for the next generation.

Whether you’re just beginning your retirement journey or are already a seasoned veteran, making a sound financial plan now will make your golden years as rewarding as they should be.


We can help you…

  • Understand exactly what you can afford by testing different scenarios with financial forecasting, so you can enjoy guilt-free spending on the things that make you smile.
  • Maximise the benefits from your pensions, including optimising your income and managing available tax-free cash.
  • Make investments to grow your wealth (should you wish to) at a higher rate and with greater tax efficiency than you would get from a bank.
  • Review and take on the management of your existing portfolios, providing safe hands and a caring, supportive relationship that includes your family.
  • Decide on the best way to fund long-term care and then implement this – whether through your own capital or through an annuity, which is guaranteed to cover the fees for life.
  • Reduce inheritance tax through trusts, gifts and specialist schemes so that your wealth is passed on with as little tax liability as possible, while protecting your own financial security.
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