Environmental statement

Headley is a financial advisory firm of people who care about our planet.

We’re not perfect. We drive to work, eat take-aways, sometimes drink from disposable bottles and cups and do a fair bit of printing…

But we are getting better – making changes and working hard to continually reduce our environmental footprint.


  • are working to reduce waste of every kind
  • personally recycle what we can’t recycle at work
  • are printing less and using more electronic means of sharing data
  • ensure our pre-printed documents are printed on FCS certified paper using planet-friendly vegetable oil-based inks
  • work with a print supplier who is a member of Carbon Capture and uses ‘green’ printers manufactured using a carbon neutral process, which in turn uses 25% less energy and reduces production waste
  • no longer bind our reports using acetate covers and plastic binding. We’ve gone retro using paper covers and two-prong metal fixings, and would be even happier if you’d like us to provide your reports in digital form, so let us know
  • review all of our office and stationery needs and eliminate plastic wherever possible or use recycled plastic as an alternative
  • use water bottles and coolers at work and discourage single use plastic
  • are using more planet-friendly cleaning supplies
  • are a work in progress

We always welcome suggestions for improving our planet-friendly practices – if you have any, do let us know!

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