Ensure your wealth is passed to your dependents with as little tax liability as possible

Inheritance tax planning

Is it really fair for your hard-earned assets to be taxed on your death?

Inheritance tax could almost be seen as a voluntary tax, since there are so many legitimate ways to reduce it.

We are firm believers in prioritising your own financial security over simply saving tax. A cashflow forecast can demonstrate if you can afford to move capital to the next generation outright or whether you need a specialist scheme that gives you access to your capital if needed.

There are legitimate schemes available which pass capital to the next generation and yet still provide you with an income. In addition, there are schemes where the value becomes exempt from inheritance tax and yet is available to you at any time.

Our solutions to reduce inheritance tax are bespoke, tried and tested, non-contentious and affordable. There are no expensive fees. Each year the strategy can be reviewed and altered in line with any changes in circumstance or legislation. We can dovetail advice with that from your Solicitor and Accountant if needed.

We will provide an initial report and cashflow model and explain the options and once you and your family have had time to consider these, we will make specific recommendations and help you implement any changes.

We believe in gentle, careful planning that evolves over many years and is flexible enough to cope with changes in your family and in legislation.

Reap the rewards ofexpert financial advice
Reap the rewards of
expert financial advice