Bespoke portfolios to protect and enhance your wealth

Investing a lump sum

We create bespoke portfolios for all our clients using one or more of the following strategies.

Headley Select Portfolio service

The service is designed to deliver consistent investment returns that match your risk profile. By using highly rated fund managers, and by mixing investment styles and investment houses, your portfolio will have a good degree of diversification which reduces volatility.

The Headley Select Portfolios include a number of carefully chosen and market leading funds, blended together in accordance with our in-house investment committee’s asset allocation recommendations to meet specific investor risk profiles and objectives.

A formal review of all funds, and the asset allocation of each portfolio is performed every six months in the first weeks of January and July.

Where your situation is unusual or you have a desire to invest in particular geographical regions or fund types, or in the case of your needing more income for instance, we can create a specific portfolio for you, based on the funds in our shortlist.

Managed fund portfolio service

The Sentinel Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) can provide any investment strategy that we need, via three sub funds or portfolios, each of which has a number of underlying funds or investments. The three funds are blended together to match a client’s appetite for risk.

Each fund benefits from the appointment of a professional investment manager and they manage their own different portfolio, and are responsible for the selection of the underlying funds and Investments. In each case, a lengthy selection process is used to assess the chosen manager’s past experience, the risk controls they have in place and their ability to manage the portfolios in line with the fund objectives.

The managers are assessed against a benchmark and provide monthly bulletins of the portfolios’ progress, as well as attending quarterly meetings with an investment committee to ensure they are meeting the investment objectives. The funds are priced daily and appear in the financial statistics alongside more familiar names.

If you join the managed fund portfolio service, you too will have the chance to meet the managers at half yearly forums designed to keep you informed on your investment performance and educate you on how the funds are managed.

Discretionary managed service

For some people, we will ask an independent investment manager to run a private, discretionary portfolio. This adds another layer of diversification and introduces more specialist investments such as structured products, where we strongly believe more qualified investment management is required.

Reap the rewards ofexpert financial advice
Reap the rewards of
expert financial advice