Alton’s got talent! Our Scholarship Award 2021 goes to…

We love investing in the next generation of financial talent. Just recently, we were delighted to present Alton College student, Will Chubb, with our scholarship for Excellence in Economics at the annual award ceremony.

A rising star around the corner

The award – now in its second year – is made after interviewing the most talented students studying A Level Economics at the local 6th form, Alton College. The scholarship includes mentoring and a financial grant for additional course material and personal development.

Will was the standout candidate this year and is hoping to go on to study Economics at Cambridge in 2022. He’s spent time here at Headley HQ, experiencing the work we do for our clients, and he regularly joins us for investment committees and other relevant meetings. We’ve also put in him touch with partner firms, such as investment managers, to gain an even broader experience.

Will says: “The scholarship has been huge for me.”

“The grant from the Excellence in Economics has let me learn more about the fundamental concepts of economics and finance, as well as the various schools of economic thought.”

“I’ve also been able to stay up to date on developments in the real world, being able to identify how events in the global economy are linked and their impacts on a wider and a smaller scale. I look forward to being able to research and analyse markets in such a way as a core part of my career in finance.”

Investing in the next generation

Here at Headley, nurturing young financial professionals is a really important part of what we do. Jane Slater, Managing Director and Chartered Financial Planner at Headley, says: “With very few entry points to our market place, it’s difficult for young people to know what sort of jobs are available in financial services. We feel a sense of duty to support those with a passion for our subject.”

“Having young, bright and energetic people in the office brings an added energy to the place and means that we all end up wanting to constantly improve and develop. It’s as if we run at their speed! That’s great for our clients, as our knowledge is constantly being tested and challenged by those learning. Consequently, even qualified people are always learning.”

“We have 30% of our workforce training for professional qualifications, which means that clients can be assured that future advisers are being grown from within. We want a business that can be here for the future especially as so many clients rely on us to guide them through their lifelong journey.”

Next year, the search for local young talent continues as we look for our third scholarship winner in partnership with Alton College. Stay tuned!


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