Planning for your retirement

Turn wishful thinking into positive action so you can transition smoothly and realise your vision for life after work.

For many people, planning for retirement can feel both exciting and exhausting in equal measure. Are we nearly there yet? Do I need a pension? How can I bring all my pensions together? Will I have enough to live well? These are just some of the big questions that need answering as you gear up for the good life.

When it comes to building, increasing and protecting your fund for retirement, you have so many choices. Changing pension rules and an ever-expanding range of options mean that you can customise your route to retirement like never before.

Whether you think retirement is just around the corner or still a long way off, talk to us. Our experienced financial advisers are here to support you every step of the way, providing the clarity and confidence to make your retirement dream a reality. With any luck (and a solid plan) it may be even sooner than you expect.


We can help you…

  • Establish your vision for retirement so that all your financial decisions work towards facilitating the lifestyle you really want.
  • Understand your options clearly, using financial forecasting to calculate exactly when you can afford to retire and how much you’ll need, factoring in variable market conditions and one-off expenses (like children’s weddings!).
  • Build your retirement strategy, navigating the latest legislation and diverse options available to form a personalised and flexible plan of action.
  • Understand and maximise the value your pensions, whether this includes consolidating old schemes, setting up new ones, or making sure that personal allowance limits don’t catch you out.
  • Optimise the income from your capital, using the best combination of tax-efficient dividends, interest, capital gains and investments so that your savings or lump sums reward you for as long as possible.
  • Draw an income from your pension once you’re ready to switch, making sure your withdrawals are tax efficient and all arrangements are in place and working well for you.
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